Info general structure:
Hotel Barocco site in Ragusa in Via Santa Maria La Nuova 1, has available a total of 17 double or twin rooms with separate beds, triple and quadruple. It has a suite and a mini suite. Each room has a mini bar, International sky tv, safe, and free wi-fi
Parking is free and you have the ability to have a residents pass in order to be able to move freely.
In addition the hotel offers included on price guests a rich breakfast buffet of typical Ragusa products both fresh and salt (biscuits, croissants, jams, meats and cheeses, fruit juices and fresh fruit in season)
The hotel is located in the heart of Ragusa Ibla (UNESCO heritage), 5 minutes from the Cathedral of St. George and from all main squares, surrounded Baroque architecture. In addition, it is located in a perfect position to reach all the other tourist areas of the province of Ragusa and Val di Noto as Modica, Scicli, Ispica, Comiso and Ragusa Marina.

Info on staff:
our staff tries to pamper them to meet all your needs in the best possible way …. we are a big family and we like that the customer is welcomed as if he were at home in their own comfort …

Area info:
To depict Ragusa with its history, its civilization, its famous monuments, up to the merchant achievements, it could adopt a simple but meaningful definition: from Barocco to oil. A land bathed in a light reminding one of Africa and East and that intrigued architecture of balconies and palaces manages to make even more dazzling.
The visitor should not miss anything, from ancient face, with the enchanted vision of Ibla, with bright signs of the past of a triumphant Barocco framed in an imaginative natural context.To flourish economically and business plan the ibleo capital should be considered a architectural and archaeological center of interest. What say, then, the archaeological museum the museum, was created by professor Anthony of Life and the architect Vincenzo Cabianca.Da Ragusa center, with the striking setting of Piazza San Giovanni and the Church of the Badia , we move through the more than 220 steps that connect the two parts of the city in the heart of the Baroque.